Janasena Flag

Janasena Party Emblem is a blend of powers that characterize our country’s life and struggle .

Pawan Kalyan Janasena Party Chief released has officially released his party Jana Sena’s symbol – the ‘Shatcakra’ (six chakras).

The colour Red:

The symbol itself is in the colour red, which signifies revolution. A deep and true change from within ; the story of that change is told on the background of our wonderful nation.

The white background:

The white background on which it stands signifies the peace and stability of several thousands of years of Indian civilisation and civilization.

The six-pointed Star:

The star in the symbol is a six pointed star that signifies the ideals of our party. The white in the star signifies self-luminosity unto the righteous path.

The dot in the centre:

The dot in the centre represents the soul of every being. The true reality and ultimate truth. The soul at the centre is also at the heart of the whole thing we do as persons and as a nation.

The black lining:

The dark liner on the token symbolizes the harmony between progressive enthusiasm and its restricting powers to stay away from one-sidedness and dissonance

Jana Sena, Your Sena, India’s Sena