Uddanam Kidney Issue

World Health Organization

As per the World Health Organization, Uddanam is one of the three areas on the planet with the hightest convergence of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) after Sri Lanka and Nicaragua

 Jana Sena party president Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday asked the Andhra Pradesh government to address the high commonness of kidney-related sicknesses in Uddanam area of Srikakulam region in north beach front Andhra in 48 hours.

He went to the district and cooperated with patients, including ladies and kids. Moved by their predicament, he requested that the administration spell out inside 48 hours how it proposes to help the casualties.

Pawan said the gathering had shaped a panel to contemplate the issues, and he would meet the Chief Minister with the advisory group’s report inside 15 days.

The on-screen character said if the administration and open delegates neglected to react, the Jana Sena will dispatch an open development on the issue.

He said progressive government neglected to address the issue in spite of extensive number of individuals biting the dust of kidney-related diseases in a single area.

Pawan said now that the banks have a great deal of cash following demonetisation, it ought to be spent to take care of the difficult issue in Uddanam. He requested that the administration designates at any rate Rs 100 crore for the reason.

“A huge number of crore are being spent for building the state capital, yet nothing is being spent in an area where individuals are biting the dust,” said the Jana Sena organizer.

Expressing that setting up dialysis focuses isn’t an answer, he said endeavors ought to be made to discover the causes and keep the sickness.

Pawan went by the region daily in the wake of tweeting that more than 20,000 individuals of all age bunches have kicked the bucket of constant kidney infections in the locale amid the most recent two decades.

“At present lakhs are influenced with this incessant kidney illness known as ‘Uddanam Nephropathy’. Progressive governments and decent administrative individuals from the most recent two decades couldn’t address this issue viably,” he tweeted.

The gathering’s media group reported sufferings of the general population. As per the World Health Organization, Uddanam is one of the three districts on the planet with the most noteworthy centralization of constant kidney illnesses.

Just before Pawan’s visit, state Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas in an announcement said the legislature has recognized kidney patients in eight mandals of the region.


As per the announcement, a group of specialists from the US went by the district for a top to bottom investigation, however couldn’t recognize the reasons for the issue.

He said water tests from the locale were sent to an examination association at Mumbai, which is likewise considering the nourishment propensities for the general population and nature. The administration expects the outcomes soon.

The pastor said two dialysis focuses were at that point working in Srikakulam and Tekkali while another middle will be opened in Palakonda on January 5.

The Health Minister said if vital, the administration was prepared to set up another dialysis focus in the area.


Pawan Kalyan To Meet Chandrababu on July 31 Over Uddanam Kidney Victims




Actor and Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan will be gathering Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on July 31 over the kidney-related diseases prevalent in the Uddanam area of Srikakulam district.

Last year, the Jana Sena leader Uddhanam region and consoled some people suffering from kidney-related issues in Srikakulam. It is learnt that the party leaders are making arrangements for a visit by experts from Harvard University to examine patients from the villages of Srikakulam.

More than 4,500 people in the village died of kidney diseases in the history ten years and as per the reports, at least one person in every family are suffering from a kidney ailment. In 2016, a team from Harvard University had conducted research and found that excessive silica in water is rooting for the disease further stating that the water is not suitable for drinking and cultivating.


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